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This is kind of difficult, actually. There are a lot of songs I dislike for various reasons. I dislike reggae pretty deeply. But a song I HATE? Nothing actually comes to mind, although I KNOW I've said, "Man, I hate this song!" on many occasions. Let me go ask people...

(A pause.)

Yeah, I dunno. It's been like 4 days now and I haven't come up with anything I really really hate. I suppose somebody will post in the comments and remind me of something. So, yeah. Let's just say "I HATE REGGAE! ALL OF IT!" and we'll go with that. Yeah, I don't know why. It might be from being around annoying people who like it, but who knows? I'll change the radio station or leave a store sooner than I might have.

Rather than leave it on that note, however, here's day 3: A Song what makes me happy.

Welcome to 1991. This song got heavy rotation and I still listen to it pretty often these days. It's so dorkily optimistic I can't help but like it. "Intergalactic punk-rock hip-hop" indeed.

And to catch up, here's day 4: A Song what makes me sad.

Bonus sad song:

"Don't you have any HAPPY music?"
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...why is it a challenge? "My goodness, I have to find music I like. However shall I manage this daunting task?"

Anyway, day 1: My favorite song. That's, uh... Okay, that's a challenge. Thus, I present you with a song I like right now:

...and with a song I've liked for a long time and continue to like:

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Tonight I managed to injure myself-- including minor bleeding-- on a cloth diaper cover. And not even one that needs a safety pin or anything.

See, we just got a new cover for the boy since a couple of the old ones are getting pretty beat up and the velcro doesn't stick any more. The new one has super-strong new velcro since it hasn't been washed or anything yet. I went to peel it back to put it on the boy, and a tiny but sharp piece of the hook side of the velcro embedded itself in my finger and came off the backing when I jumped back in startlement. I pulled it out with my fingernails, and lo and behold, a tiny droplet of blood welled up from where my tender skin was pierced by its terrible sharpness.

So yeah. I now have the dubious distinction of having been injured by a piece of baby clothing.
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Oh Wavestation, how could I have ever let you go?

Also, here is a song I like:

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He's a little later than usual, but here is NAMM Oddities 2011.
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A couple of years ago I bought a fairly decent but not amazing acoustic guitar. I never really liked it much. (I still like my Telecaster.)

Today I finally decided I was done with it and traded it in for store credit, which I used to purchase a Korg Wavestation.

Mmmm, Wavestation.
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There are references to references to references going on here. I cannot adequately explain why I find this so incredibly funny.

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1. If you drop chips on the floor ants will come in the house and eat you in your sleep.

2. When you grow up you will shit out live ponies. When I am in the bathroom I am forcing them down the toilet because otherwise we would be overrun with them.

...yeah, he's growing up deranged. Sorry, future world.


Apr. 26th, 2011 09:41 pm
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That's the face of a man who may have shoveled burning radioactive graphite off of the roof of a nuclear power plant that was melting down a few hundred feet below him. He apparently survived until 1991-- I have no idea if he's still alive today, but considering that I, a random American, have not only his medal but the document for his medal (this has been verified by people who are experts in such a thing-- and it wasn't expensive, which on the one hand is cool because I could afford it, but on the other hand is sad because it was his life). If he was alive, would his medal and the document have made it out of the ex-Soviet states? I don't know.

He looks like the kind of guy who would be good to have a drink with. He looks a little sad, but also like the kind of man who could tell a good joke if he wanted, the kind of man who smiled easily. I may be projecting because I want to think he was a good person. Either way, he worked a terrible job and we should remember him as a good person for that.
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Well, okay, not HAPPY so much, but anyway. 25 years ago today, reactor 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat, Ukraine, exploded. Spare a thought for the Liquidators, mostly enlisted soldiers who were flown in to shovel burning radioactive graphite off of the roof of the reactor enclosure and who really didn't know what they'd been ordered to do. They got medals out of it:

...and cancer. Yeah. They could only work for seconds at a time because they were standing on top of a reactor that was melting down. Hundreds of thousands of liquidators flew in and out.

Here's some of the only footage know to exist of Pripyat and Chernobyl around the day of the disaster. Watch it in silence for the full effect.

And a little song:

So, yeah. There you go.
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"The power adapter that was sent to you, is the
power adapter that came in to us with unit. As far as ratings, Power
Adapters have a what we tend call "tolerance". In other words, whatever an
adapter is rated, it's actual output rating is a higher voltage. The
adapter that you received is rated at 7.5, but the actual output rating is
over 10 volts. So, it works great with a 9 Volt DC keyboard."


7.5V/5W adapter, plugged into a keyboard that wants 9V/9.1W? Yeah, that's gonna
work real good.

They keyboard itself is kind of broken, too-- the digital synthesis voices (it's
a CZ230s, the preset version of the CZ101, with built in drums and a speaker
so it's pretty leet) sound okay but instead of a nice normal trailing-off
decay when you let up on the keys, they stay loud and break down into nasty
digital distortion.

Pretty disappointing, especially the whole "It works great!" part, which was
in response to me asking if they have the right adapter kicking around. It
doesn't even turn on with the 7.5V adapter. The seller claims it was tested,
but, yeah. Clearly not.
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Metro 2033 is on sale on Steam this weekend for ten bucks. This is another supremely atmospheric Russian game in the same vein as Stalker-- if you thought Stalker was too wide-open and didn't morally judge you enough, Metro 2033 is the game for you!

At ten bucks, it's a good deal for some lovely tense post-apocalyptic Moscow adventuring, full of lovely post-Soviet bleakness. It's also very very hard, since, you know, it's Russian.

Also, Ice Pick Lodge (makers of the unplayable but fascinating game Pathologic and the unplayable but fascinating game The Void (according to Wikipedia, they were the winners of "the 'Most Non-Standard Game' award at the Russian Game Developers Conference, KRI in 2005 and 2007 respectively." No shit, huh?) have released something called "Cargo!" which looks fairly mad and might actually be a playable game, also on Steam. I guess I'll find out when I finish portal 2-- got to Chapter 8 last night.
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2 hours in, pretty freakin' amazing. You can see why they kept delaying it-- EVERYTHING is polished and very very slick.

It's still quite clever. It does walk you through some of the earlier sorts of test chambers in order to get you back into a Portal-y state of mind, and then starts handing you variations and new sorts of objects to interact with and figure out. The Valve "Train you for the game in the game" stuff is in full effect.

There's also some gratuitous Weighted Companion Cube cruelty, which is pretty amusing.

I suspect we have our multiple-Game-of-the-Year winner for 2011, and it's only April...


Apr. 18th, 2011 09:31 pm
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Portal 2 just launched! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE
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In lots of ways.

...more or less what I said before. I think they're kind of silly to bump the rating up to 7, since it's not a Chernobyl-level nuclear excursion (that's my favorite piece of technical jargon-- it makes terrifying disasters sound sort of quaint and cheerful, like you're driving a convertible Model T out to have a picnic under a tree somewhere, except nuclear), but I'm not a nuclear regulator or anything...


Apr. 12th, 2011 09:48 am
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We need two mid-level LAMP developers pretty much immediately. Like, can you start tomorrow? The job is in downtown Santa Cruz.

Anyone looking? Get in touch...