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So here I was, reading up on tiny bugs that live in books, and I found this page:

Ask The Exterminator: Booklice

Yeah, pretty basic bug page, right? Read the comments. They start out fairly normal ("I have these things and can't get rid of them!") and pretty rapidly make a sharp left turn into crazypants:

Sorry to burst all of your bubbles, but I am 26 and live in Florida now for the past year and a half. I got them from my mom's boyfriend's house we all live in. So does my 5 pets and my mother. They are NOT book lice. I have become ill OUTWARDLY from these creatures, but EVERYONE is being infected inside. The creatures create a symbiotic relationship with fungus and with mold to feed off your body and become part of you--you are now effectively a nano-bio-fungal-bacterial-parasite controlled person with large networks of Fiber filaments growing inside you. You will take them with you if you move without understanding they are IN you not just ON your things. The hope I give you is that YOU can get healthier and it will start leaving you, less itching,less "Swarming" of them around you in th ehouse,etc. When moving is necessary is if your home has been water damaged heavily, mold/mildew/or fungus ridden, improperly repaired, improperly ventilated, etc. This is a new world order disease. It is CONTAGIOUS. Please be careful. It is called by many names, but currently only called Morgellon's disease or Advanced Nano-Technology Disease. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, and Dr. Bill Deagle can help you.

It's quite the thing.

I dont sleep EVER because of the advancing of the disease in me, and now out of me, so I SEE the swarming.

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