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It is pretty much inarguable that without the Apple II+s in my middle school, I would not be where I am today, and since I'm pretty happy with where I am today, that's a pretty major debt to Steve Jobs.

I've been a staunch Mac fan since I first used them, and back when I was more vehement about stuff, I enjoyed many an Apple-related flame war. (These days I still can't resist dropping in and telling people to shut the hell up if they don't know what they're talking about.)

The Mac inventory of primary-use Macintoshes:

* Mac Plus, bought with the money I earned scamming poker games at my high school's graduation party.
* Performa 6214, the worst computer Apple ever made.
* PowerMac 8600/300, which by the time I sold it was massively upgraded, running a G4 processor card, with almost 50 gig of FWSCSI3 disk, a CD-ROM drive AND a CD burner, 2 video cards (one a VooDoo 3 with the "beta" ROMs from 3dfx), 2 21" monitors, various MIDI and audio interfaces, a wireless network card, and so on and so forth. It was BADASS.
* PowerBook G4 (800 MHz TiBook)-- my first Apple laptop, and I used it until it disintegrated
* PowerBook G4 (1.5GHz AlBook)-- also used basically until it fell apart
* MacBook Pro 13" (unibody) -- my current lappy, of which I am quite fond. Currently has 8 gig of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive

Secondary systems and derelicts:

* Mac 512k (mostly used for parts)
* another Mac Plus
* Mac IIsi
* Performa 6400
* a couple of dumpster-dived iMacs
* PowerBook 3400-- Berklee work machine
* PowerMac 7200 -- another Berklee work machine
* Duo 270c -- Berklee dumpster-dived/gift system, complete with Dock II
* Quadra 700 -- Nubus audio card host
* PowerMac 7200 -- WPI office webcam machine
* Mac Pro (4-CPU, 12 gig o' RAM) -- UCSC work machine
* a bunch of random servers -- all over the place!
* a bunch of dumpster-dived bits -- mostly sold at MIT!

Not to mention a Newton I used at Berklee and my current iPhone, and an Apple IIc I have in its special carrying case in the closet and a Macintosh Portable I was messing with for a while... I always wanted a PowerBook 1400, too-- they're so nice and light! The 13" MBP does a pretty good job of being that, though.

Man, I've spent a lot of time on Apples...

I'll miss the mystique and glamour and all that stuff he had, and I think the tech world will be the worse for losing his vision, even if he did borrow a lot of it from other people. Nobody combined ideas quite as well as Jobsie.

The one Jobs quote that has come to mind the most often, though, is what he told the Macintosh team as they were ironing out the last few bugs and going over what was wrong with the first Macintosh system. It's important to keep in mind for basically any project you care about, because there's a point where you just need to get it out the door, and perfection be damned:

Real artists ship.
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